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Eurofins TECH S.r.l. is an Italian company leader in many sectors of product safety, with this Accreditation


  • NANDO Notified Body n. 0477
  • Certification body n. 119B - UNI EN 45011
  • Inspection body type "A" n. 30E - UNI CEI EN ISO/IEC 17020
  • ExCB - Certification Body


  • Test laboratory n. 0085 -UNI CEI EN ISO/IEC 17025
  • Calibration center LAT n. 062 - UNI CEI EN ISO/IEC 17025
  • Test Laboratory CBTL (photovoltaic module)
  • SOLAR KEYMARK laboratory (solar collector)
  • ExTL - Testing Laboratory
  • Recognized ACAE-LOVAG

Eurofins TECH S.r.l. has a team of highly qualified technical experts for testing and certification activities, for the CE certification in compliance with EU directives.





verifica conformità Testing of Conformities Moduli PV Renewable Energy
tarature Calibration Automotive Automotive Test


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ATmospheres EXplosives (IECEx Scheme)- International IECEx Certification-ExCB - Certification Body

Eurofins TECH S.r.l. . has successfully completed the IECEx assessment process and is approved to operate within the IECEx Certified Equipment Scheme and to issue IECEx Test Reports (ExTRs), IECEx Quality Assessment Reports (QARs) and the Online Certificate of Conformity.

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ATmospheres EXplosives directive (ATEX) - 94/9/EC Directive

The 94/9/EC Directive applies to equipment and protective systems intended for use in potentially explosive atmospheres, safety devices, controlling devices and regulating devices, and vehicles intended for use in potentially explosive atmospheres

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Machinery Directive (MD)-2006/42/EC Directive

The new 2006/42/EC Machinery Directive has redefined the scope of the previous Directive replaced, by listing explicitly a whole series of categories of machinery to which the Directive must be applied. Moreover, some exclusions have been redefined/clarified and new categories of products have been added.

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Noise emission in the environment by equipment for use outdoors -2000/14/EC Directive

The 2000/14/EC Directive applies to 57 types of machineries and equipment for which has to be declared the level of guaranteed sound level. Are included for example: cranes, electric generating sets, earth moving machinery, saws, motor-driven compressors, concrete breakers, grass trimmer, pneumatic tools

Lifts Directive (LD)- 95/16/EC Directive

The 95/16/EC directive applies to lifts and to lift safety components. The Directive establishes that the Subject Responsible of the CE marking is the installer. This directive has been modified by the 2006/42/EC from 30-12-2009.

Pressure Equipment Directive (PED) - 97/23/EC Directive

The 97/23/EC Directive applies to the equipment and to the assemblies whose minimum allowable pressure (PS) is at least 0,5 bar. The procedures of the evaluation of the conformity are defined depending on the fluid type (gas/liquid), on its dangerousness and on the product pressure x volume or pressure x diameter.

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Medical Devices Directive (MDD) - 93/42/EEC Directive

The 93/42/EEC Directive and upgrade (98/79/EC, 2000/70/EC, 2001/104/EC, Regulation 1882/2003 and 2007/47/EC), applies to medical devices and to their accessories. For medical device it is considered each product intended to be used on people for diagnosis, prevention, therapy of a disease, whose main target is not achieved through pharmacological ways

Low Voltage Directive (LVD) - electrical security 2006/95/EC Directive

The 2006/95/EC directive replaces the 73/23/EEC Directive and it applies to electrical materials intended to be used at a nominal voltage between 50 and 1.000 Volt in alternate voltage and between 75 and 1.500 Volt in continuous voltage.

ElectroMagnetic Compatibility directive (EMC) - 2004/108/EC Directive

The 2004/108/EC directive has replaced the 89/336/EEC directive, modified and integrated by directives 92/31/EEC, 93/68/EEC e 93/97/EEC. The directive applies to devices that can create electromagnetic disturbances or can be interested by electromagnetic disturbances

Radio and Telecommunications Terminal Equipment directive (R&TTE) 99/5/EC Directive

The 99/5/EC Directive applies to radio equipments and to telecommunications terminal equipments and specifies the dispositions for their placing on the market, their free movement and their setting up

Personal Protection Equipment (PPE) - 89/686/EEC Directive

The 89/686/EEC Directive, modified by the 93/68/EEC, 93/95/EEC and 96/58/EC directives, applies to personal protection equipment designed to be worn or held by an individual for protection against one or more health and safety hazard, headphones, ear insert, aqualungs, anti-fall device, etc

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Construction Products Directive (CPD) - 89/106/EEC Directive

The 89/106/EEC Directive applies to construction materials, intended as each product made to be incorporated or assembled permanently in buildings and in other works of civil engineering. The certification's procedures are defined in the harmonized standards, specific for each kind of product


Testing of Conformities

  • VOC Test analysis
  • Pre-compliance test on each type of product (EMC-LVD-ATEX-.....)
  • Test and Acoustic measure - (Adrienne method... )
  • Analysis of technical file (Rohs2, MD, MMD.......)

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Check of the energy efficiency of industrial machines and plants

  • Leak detection on pneumatic systems
  • Power quality and energy consumption
  • Thermographic analysis

Check on the quality of the Electrical System

Energy saving in buildings

The Italian Law DLGS 192/05, as amended in implementation of the European Directive 2002/91/EC has imposed a series of requirements for the containment of energy consumption of buildings. We can prepare the certification practices and energy to do the evaluation of the thermal transmittance of windows and opaque components for the construction industry.

Check of the conformities according to the Directive 2009/128/EC -Pesticides

This Directive establishes a framework to achieve a sustainable use of pesticides by reducing the risks and impacts of pesticide use on human health and the environment and promoting the use of integrated pest management and of alternative approaches or techniques such as non-chemical alternatives to pesticides.

Testing & Inspection on Renewable Energy

  • Maximum Power Determination
  • Electroluminescence
  • PiD (Potential Induced Degradation)
  • Thermography
  • Audit on PV plants
  • Pyranometers Calibration

Compliance Verification Products: Retail, Import and GDO

The service aimed at the retail market as well as importers and distributors of products is aimed at the verification of the safety requirements of products to the EU directives and national regulations. Our services include: TECHNICAL ASSISTANCE REGULATIONS, TESTING, TESTING OF PRE-SHIPMENT, AUDITING at suppliers, PERFORMANCE TESTS-BENCHMARKING

Desing Validation check

EUROFINS TECH S.r.l., is accredited by ACCREDIA us inspection body of type "A" with the number 30E. Take in their action in checking for the design projects related civil works, building on technological systems and urbanization in accordance with the provisions of national standard and Italian law Legislative Decree n. 163/2006 and subsequent amendments


Renewable Energy

Eurofins - Module Uno SpA is an Accredited Testing Laboratory ACCREDIA CBTLs Solar Keymark able to provide the full range of compliance testing according to European and international standards for the approval of the following products:

Electric vehicle conductive charging system

  • CEI EN 61851-1
  • CEI EN 61851-22

Fotovoltaic Modules

  • IEC EN 61215, IEC EN 61646
  • IEC EN 61730
  • IEC 61701


  • CEI 0-21- CEI 0-16
  • System protection device

Solar collectors- Factory made Collector

  • EN 12975 - EN 12976
  • Solar Keymark

Thermal hybrid solar collector (PVT)

  • EN 61215 - EN 61730
  • EN 12975

Concentrated photovoltaics

  • IEC 62108

Building-integrated photovoltaics (BIPV)

  • EC 61215, 61646
  • IEC 61730
  • Acoustic Test,
  • Mechanical and thermal test


The calibration center is accredited by ACCREDIA LAT n ° 062 UNI CEI EN ISO / IEC 17025

The accreditation ensures traceability to national or international standards and recognizes the Laboratory to issue calibration certificates, which carry the name ACCREDIA - Department Laboratories Calibration for instruments, fields, uncertainties and measurement conditions specified in a specific table of accreditation.

Calibration Centre for ACCREDIA

  • sound level meters
  • sound calibrator
  • calibrators

On 04.05.2013 the Calibration Centre ACCREDIA LAT N ° 062-Eurofins TECH has obtained accreditation for the calibration of sound level meters declared in accordance with EN IEC 61672-1.


Automotive Test

Eurofins TECH offers Technical Evaluations and Certifications in the following areas:

  • Directive 2004/104 / EC, ECE R10 - EMC for electrical and electronic components installed on the vehicle (the laboratory may operate under the supervision of the technical service CPA in Turin, Italian Ministry of Transport, for the obtaining of approvals "E "and" e ");
  • Directive 2004/108 / EC - Electromagnetic Compatibility;
  • Directive 1999/05 / EC - Directive R&TTE;
  • Directive 2006/95 / EC - Electrical Safety;
  • Technical Specification according to Vehicle Manufacturers (Fiat / Chrysler, Audi, Volkswagen, etc.):